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Benefits of Being Sick


Last Tuesday, on December 12th, the flu hit me.

I think this is the worst flu I’ve ever experienced, but pain memory sometimes has a short shelf life, so I may have said this before in times past.

I did feel as if I had been hit by a bus, at least in the manner of that metaphorical expression. In my feverish states of delirium, I was mentally redoing Excel sheets over and over to figure out how to pay my debt to President Donald Trump, imagining the improper practicing techniques of my music students, and wondering if this is what dying felt like.

Today, I was able to make my first cup of tea, and even walked without feeling as if I might fall over. I’m still far from a full recovery, but at least it feels as if the bus has moved on…except for the cough.

Thanks to my husband, Cliff, who in his words has served me on hand and foot, which is pretty accurate. He even sat with me in Emergency Department for more than a few hours, as he said I was like a lost soul trying to follow instructions.

In addition, he took care of my entertainment needs by replacing the terrible broken TV, and bought me ginger lemon tea.  He served me morsels of food, even though I rarely could eat more than a couple of bites. Yesterday, he helped me with my students’ recital programs by bringing them from the printer to my bed so I could fold them – normally a quick task that stretched into hours as I could only work when I had small surges of energy.

Today, I will try to both survive and enjoy my students’ recital, and then crawl back into bed and watch my new TV.

Trying to edit this post is stressing my headache, so I will stop before I revert to my former mental state of trying to pay Trump.


Today is the one-month anniversary of me being sick with the flu. It carried me through Christmas into the New Year.

As I again sit in a medical waiting room, for the third time in thirty days, I reflect on the benefits of being sick:

1. I have saved a lot of gas money.

2. I have not spent money at Starbucks, Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, or A&W.  Here’s to eating healthy: it helped a lot. (NOT)

3. I have become even more of a DIY expert.  Thanks to Leave it to Bryan, Property Brothers, Restored, Addiction Reno, Bargain Mansions, Fixer Upper, Masters of Flip, Texas Flip, Love It or List It US & Canada, Flipping in Louisiana, Fort Worth…you get the picture (Before & After).

4. I could feed my introvert self, without too much guilt.

5. By using the tried and true system of doing ten tasks in between resting for one to three hours, one room in my house is getting organized. EDC (Estimated Date of Completion) is March.

6. Mostly, I can imagine work getting completed without actually doing any of it. Unfortunately, this is not beneficial when the imagining induces sleeplessness.

7. I am filled with gratefulness to a medical system that I can access freely, a husband who has served me tirelessly while not always feeling well himself, and a God who does not take sick breaks.

This year can only get better!

Photo Credit:  pixabay ar130405


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  1. Uncle Wally and Aunty Betty Uncle Wally and Aunty Betty

    So glad it’s over! Have a healthy, HAPPY NEW YEAR -what’s left of it!

    • Marilyn Newbury Marilyn Newbury

      Thank you! I had to chuckle at “What’s left of it!!

  2. Janice winsor Janice winsor

    Hi so glad you are feeling much better and back to work soon!! I remember feeling the same when I had the flu like I’d never put another unhealthy morsel in my body. It’s not working so far either.
    I have to admit to laughing out loud regarding your Trump and music students delirium. Too funny!! I’m glad it’s over and you’re on the mend God Bless ???

    • Marilyn Newbury Marilyn Newbury

      I started work today. I still tire easily but my fever has not returned. I’ll give the unhealthy eating a thought, but have to admit I’m still having a remnant of the Christmas chocolates now and then. Glad you had a good laugh! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love this, Marilyn! (Not that you’ve been sick–but that you can still have a sense of humor!) Thanks for sharing. I can relate as I’m finally, after 3+ weeks, over the coughing, sneezing, and wheezing. No fun!

    • Marilyn Newbury Marilyn Newbury

      Glad I am not the only one! I still have a bit of a cough and some congestion, but hoping it will only go up from here! Have a great New Year!

  4. Ina Ina

    Another interesting read! Hope the flu is history for now! You had a good turn at it!

    • Marilyn Newbury Marilyn Newbury

      Glad you enjoyed it. I think I am back to work tomorrow – my increased activity the past two days went not too badly. Thank you!

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