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Stability on Shifting Sands

Sometimes my thoughts seem like rocks:

lifeless, colourless, and useless.

At times, I am not happy with the rocks on my pathway.

But as I pick up the stones and view them with my writing, closely or from a distance, their beauty and distinctiveness talk to my inner being, thus solidifying my foundational core as I walk through the waves as they limp or smash onto the beach of my life.

Like the ever-changing ocean, the lenses of my “life glasses” often change colour, resulting in a kaleidoscope of new and old images shifting like the beach from the jostling of the waves of life’s experiences.

The euphoria of childbirth, journeying with dying parents, hobbling beside my husband for his ten hip and knee replacements, and receiving the gift of grandchildren – all have shaped my emotions and life perspectives.

I continue to walk on the shore of life’s ocean,

somehow finding my inner grounding and stability

as the surf continues to pound and the sand shifts beneath my feet.

Photo Courtesy of Rondalyn Fitz


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